Andi & DJ | Savannah, GA Wedding Photographer


Remember Andi & DJ from their Savannah engagement session? Well they finally got married in September and it was magical you guys. MAGICAL. I don’t know how I end up with the coolest couples, but I love it. I drove down to Savannah for their rehearsal dinner Friday night and got to meet the family, bridal party and some guests. “Make sure you get something to drink.”…. uh yes please. That’s how I knew this wedding was going to be perfect.

When I tell you that they are the kind of people you meet, don’t see for a while, and then a year later you just pick up like you just hung out yesterday, I truly mean it. They’re the “come here and give me a hug,” “do you need anything,” “how can I help YOU” kind of people.

Andi & DJ are like that fairytale couple that you can’t get enough of their love. Not only are they the best of friends, but just the way the two of them look at EACH OTHER will melt your heart. Too many times have I seen how just one person looks at the other, but in this case it’s a two-way street. They compete with each other as to who can be the better person, but encourage the other one.

You guys. Their vows. I don’t know what happened, and how the pictures from then are so clear, cause it was so blurry looking through my camera in the moment. Eye sweat or something. Weird. Everyone in the crowd was tearing up, and then laughing, then crying, and then laughing some more. It was heart felt, loving, funny, and embodied everything about them and their relationship in one. Pure magic.

Justin Peay (here’s his website) did an AMAZING job really capturing the feel with his video skills. Check him out if you are in need of a videographer in Savannah - not sure his traveling distance. He was awesome to work with and really captured the day!

Anyway. What’s super cool is that now I have two awesome friends forever <3 I will love them and hug them and pet them and squeeze them and rub them and kiss them and call them Andi and DJ. Anyone get that reference?

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