Ben & Emmy | {Daddy Daughter} Gainesville, FL

Meet Ben & Emmy! They are personally two of my favorite people, so when Ben asked me to photograph the two of them, I jumped at the chance. He hadn’t seen her in over a year, so he flew her all the way from Hawaii to hang out with her for the whole Christmas break. So cool, right?!

Let me tell you, when I say I have a lot of energy, it’s a lot, but this girl had beat! She was a little firecracker of fun, jokes and energy! For being 5, she’s such a fun kid. Watching the way they two of them interacted melted my heart. The love these two share fills everyone around them. They are the perfect little duo.

While he only had plans for the Christmas style shoot (not pictured) and at the park, I did get to hang out with them for two days and got to sneak into the back yard with Emmy by myself. Give a kid some bubbles and out pours giggles and enough laughter to fill your soul. He’s an amazing dad to this little girl and the love he has for her will light up the room.

Check them out below, and in the words of Emmy, “talk to you later, byyyyeeeeeeee.”