Kim & Bernard {Wedding} | Savannah, GA

Meet Kim & Bernard. They are this stylish, sophisticated, and absolutely gorgeous couple. They said their vows to each other, via the note pad on their phones, at the Mackey House in Savannah, GA. 
Per the usual for Savannah, the weather was all kinds of humid (think steam room while wearing all of your clothes, or a wedding dress). No one shared my jumping up and down level of excitement for pictures when I told them we had to go outside. Combine the humidity and then those dang gnats, and we had to rush a little bit. K & B were such troopers and dealt with my "ONE MORE! OMG! COME OVER HERE!" 15 times haha! What can I say? They were perfect, the lighting was magical and everything was just so beautiful that day.

Just look at how they look at each other. It was melting my heart <3 I love them so much. Check out their cuteness below!