Randisi {Maternity} | Savannah, GA

I just met these two and I immediately fell in love! I know I probably say that about everyone I photograph so maybe I'm just super spoiled and get amazing clients, but I seriously mean it. It snowed in Savannah {SMOWMAGEDDON} just days before our session so I was kind of hoping there would still be snow in Wormsloe since there's a lot of shade. I'm from Florida, ok. Snow is a big deal. 

I was actually up in VA the day prior to their session so it was a bit of a drive, but OH SO WORTH EVERY SINGLE SECOND. I only lived in Savannah for a about a year and haven't had the opportunity to shoot at Wormsloe Plantation so I was freaking out when Kayla said that's where she wanted to go.

There was a little bit on the trees and a small patch that I did my best to make it look like a snowy winter wonderland. It kind of worked, right? Right? Ok, maybe just kinda. 

Anyway. These two rocked their session. They were up for walking basically the WHOLE place, even in the 30-something-degree temperature we had that day. They're so fun and adorable and I just wanted to eat them up. I mean seriously. Look at them. That little baby is going to be outrageously spoiled with love.

{Guys keep an eye out because ^ those two are getting MARRIED THIS YEAR! Check out their Engagement Session HERE}