Snow Day! | {Winterville, NC}

When my sister first moved to Greenville (technically Winterville, but whatever), she told me that it didn't snow... 

So, it snows and I took the kids out to get some pictures.... err I mean play in the snow. Yep, totally only because they wanted to go play in the snow, definitely not for me. Best aunt ever, am I right? Now, it's been a few days since the snow fell, and basically after the first day, it started turning into ice, which is really fun to attempt to even walk on as a mostly fully-functioning adult, and definitely even more fun for 3 year olds to run on, in case you've never tried it. Have you ever tried getting into your car while standing on a sheet of ice? I'm from FL so this was basically my first time. Almost died. Anyway.

We spent MAYBE 10 minutes outside* before said 3 year old slips on ice and his hands touch the ice because he didn't want to listen when I said don't run or you'll fall. I know you're probably sitting there thinking "GASP! A kid not listen? Say it isn't so." I know right? That's what I thought. 
Listen to me when I say, DON'T EVER LET THIS HAPPEN. It's literally the end of the world. SO MANY TEARS AND LOUD SCREAMS. Zero blood or scratches. Luckily, I got MOST of the pictures before this happened... but you can definitely see the tears in some of the photos towards the end. 

The super cute b + w one towards the end where he's so sweetly placing his hand on his sister's side..... He's pushing her away pretty violently when she tried giving him a hug, .256 seconds after he was crying, "I want Juuuunnneeee.... JUNE! Come here." 

Have kids they said....IT'LL BE FUN THEY SAID.


*If you're reading this and you've always looked at my photos or family photos ever and thought there's NO WAY my kids would sit still or be cool enough for photos - stop that nonsense. Please call me and let me explain to you what's ACTUALLY happening in most of those "perfect smiles" kind of pictures because I can guarantee you that all kids are basically the same (little demons) and make you think that it's impossible. I got you. And if you've managed to read this far and still don't believe me, book a session with me. If you don't get ANY photos with your kids that don't make you laugh or smile, I'll happily refund your session fee. Ahem, let me clarify, this doesn't mean skip their normally scheduled nap and load them with candy....that's just mean.