Haley & Chris {Engagement} | Darien, GA

In honor of their engagement session being over a year ago (December last year), I figured it was a perfect time to blog their engagement session. I met Haley when she was a bridesmaid at Brooke's wedding (I'll attach a link to her wedding here when I blog it next!). Brooke's wedding was amazing so Haley booked me! Woo! I love referrals! 

We met in Darien, this itty bitty town in south GA that is SO ADORABLE! What you can't see is that it was windy and pretty cold, but these two ROCKED it. The very first thing you notice with these two is their quirky, goofy, fun-loving interactions with each other. They danced, cuddled, kissed and were just overall amazing to hang out with. So much so that my boyfriend and I walked over to the little Italian place with them for some coffee and across the street for a beer. 

Go look at these cuties! And then click on the link to check out their wedding, too! 

Check out their wedding here!