Colin & Jessica | {Wedding} Tybee Island, GA

I had the unbelievable honor of being part of Jessica & Colin's BEST DAY EVER! Jessica called me one day, not too far in advance of their wedding sounding panicked. She needed a wedding photographer. I checked my schedule and told her, "CALL ME RIGHT NOW! I have that day open." She called and we chatted for about an hour and a half, not only about her wedding, but life and everything in between. Instant bond. I mean I want to be BFFs with this girl. 

Fast forward to the day and we finally get to meet in person at Tybee Island- Beachview Bed and Breakfast (they came from OH to Savannah, GA) and she's just gorgeous and hasn't even had her makeup done yet. Colin's a lucky man! Even better, she just has this beautiful glow about her, being surrounded by her family and friends. It was such an awesome environment. The girls get ready, I hop down to photograph Colin and then we get them all together for the first look. 

OH MY WORD. They were SO DANG CUTE. For first looks, what I'll do is have the groom stand somewhere and have the bride walk up to tap him on the shoulder. I'll photograph from a good distance away with my 70-200mm. His face was priceless and I was quietly squealing behind my camera. 

In honor of Jessica's mother, who passed away quite suddenly and very tragically, Jess wanted to do something special. We had bounced around a few ideas in the planning stages, but the day of, she mentioned that there is a "butterfly bush" they very specifically advertise. Jessica's mom lets her know she's around by bringing butterflies to her. I'm trying to photograph her reaching for said butterflies and it was the strangest thing because my whole camera just went totally blurry.... weird. I'm not crying, you're crying. We took all the time she wanted to just take in that really special moment. Because Colin's parent's weren't able to make it to the ceremony, I had my second shooter hold one of their phones to Facetime it for them! 

The ceremony took place on the beach at the most perfect time of day ever. It was just a little cloudy, which diffused the lighting (a photographer's dream), and the PERFECT temperature. Basically the most perfect day ever. AND THEN! We had so much time for couple's photos to just wander around on the beach. 

Anyway! Go check this gorgeous couple out. They're beautiful and perfect and I just love them so much!