Lincoln is 6 months! {MILESTONE SESSION} | Green Cove Springs, FL

Yancey SP.jpg

Remember that adorable little baby's newborn session I photographed about 6 months ago? Check it out HERE if you want. 

Yea, well that adorable newborn is 6 months now. Being so involved in documenting the lives of families, I've started to realize that time goes by entirely fast. Don't get me wrong, I really already knew that, but it's still the fact that I'm already preparing to photograph his FIRST BIRTHDAY as we ( don't know why I wrote we, apparently me and my personalities lol) write this.  I'm not ready for that so I know his mom can't be either. 

On the flip side of that, what's really amazing about all of it is getting to watch and document his life. I get to help create these awesome memories for them, and "make time stop" if you will, onto paper. I fully plan to sit and write a whole blog post about why I'm such an advocate for printing your pictures (I'm totally looking at those of you who haven't printed anything YET!) , but for now, just email me about getting them printed! 

Anyway, check out how much he has grown so far and his gorgeous parents. Families that feed squirrels fries together, stay together.