Charli is one! | {family shoot} Fayetteville, NC |

This little cutie pie turned ONE last month. I know Sam from high school in Florida, and now we are both up here in NC and live 2 hours apart. Totally worth the drive to meet her adorable little girl AND husband! Last time I saw her, I was holding her up in the air in cheerleading in 2007 and our biggest worry was what we were doing after the football game. Now here we are as “adults” with tiny humans and jobs.

Charli had us laughing the WHOLE DANG SESSION. She was all kinds of smiles and laughter in the beginning… Special bloopers at the end for you. ;) ENJOY!

Isn’t she so pretty and smiley?

But wait, there’s more…….


So basically I made the mistake of having her sit by herself for a couple pictures in the beginning….after that, she was like, “forget this mess. Put me on my feet NOW.” Sam just laughed and embraced it. I just kept shooting while laughing because I mean, what else can you do? Kids are literally going to do what they want.

What you can’t see is Grandma and grandpa on the sides singing baby shark over.and.over.and.over. making silly noises. waiting for her to stop checking out the runners. and then Sam turning into a dinosaur to make her laugh. Good times hahahaha.