Ashley & Matt | Brunswick, GA Wedding Photographer

Can we give these two a round of applause? They planned their entire wedding from HAWAII. Their wedding was in Brunswick, GA.

When Ashley contacted me, I was living quite a gypsy life traveling around with my dog and my boyfriend basically the entire state of Florida in our RV. (Side note, if you are “waiting until you retire” to buy an RV. Stop being stupid and just do it now. It’s amazing. More on this another time.) We video chatted since obviously meeting for lunch or coffee was out of the question. We instantly clicked. She was AWESOME. So down to earth. The vibe I got was that she had some ideas of what she wanted, but really, at the end of the day, it didn’t matter because she just wanted to be married to Matt. Really, that’s all that matters. But, nevertheless, the party must go on.

We chat a bunch over the next year. She’s calling me asking if colors match. We’re picking the best time for the ceremony based on what light is like (photographers dream, btw). It was awesome. By the time the wedding came around, I had sat my butt down in NC so I had to adventure down with my super awesome second shooter, also doubles as my sister. We are almost middle of nowhere Brunswick, at this GORGEOUS venue called The Buie Barn. The owners are amazing and I’d recommend this place in a heart beat. The whole day went off perfectly.

They chose to do a first look, which was the best thing ever. We captured Matt’s stunned face looking at his gorgeous bride, then went off for some alone time to shoot some couples pictures. I loved everything about this whole day. Her dress. Ugh. It was like she was a real life princess…in cowboy boots <3 <3

Happily ever after Matt & Ashley!